Fears and phobias cause a range of problems -- from temporary anxiety to overwhelming, irrational
terror of situations, creatures or things. Which curl your toes? Make you shudder at the very
thought? Hope you'll join us for this cool show, with local Houston artists exploring fears and phobias
of all kinds.

•        Snakes
•        Spiders
•        Clowns
•        Small spaces
•        Needles
•        Heights
•        Death
•        Dentists
•        Dolls
•        Bugs
•        Flying
•        Darkness
•        Tunnels
•        Water
•        Thunderstorms

El Guajillo Food Truck will be on-site on Saturday!

Participating artists include:
Nicole Baer
Danielle Brush
Ladeina Brush
Presley Challee
Sara Cress
Tina Dang
Mortimer Ex
Matthew Farnham
Jessica Flores
Deborah Franklin
Danielle Gallo
Taryn M. Gray
Brent Haight
Jaz Henry
Alize Hossain
Tara Hughes
Tripp Jakovich
Christy Kovacs
Michelle Lanter
Tim Lee
Sara Letourneau
Matt Lupin
Sylvia Majocchi
Steve Martinez
El Mercurio
Phoenix Rising
Devyn Nekole
Kailey Nelson
Craig Odle
Dan Perez
Edward D. Pettitt
Kari Rodriguez
Dakota Rogers
Karen Rompot
Bad Saber
Kylie Spence
Debi Starr
Karin Stensrud
Lillyana Suquet
Nicole Torres
Sandy Tramel
Jillian Welch
...and more!

 Saturday, March 30th from 4-8pm
 Sunday, March 31st 1-5pm

 This is a free event